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My previous book blog was Novel Meals at Wordpress but I've decided on a fresh start with a new site called Turn the Page. Now I realize I am just tired of mantaining two blog sites so I will add my book talk here.

Starting over was fun although I disliked leaving some of my older reviews behind. Mainly my favorite authors and plot settings.  Therefore, if you followed me at Novel Meals you will see some of my past posts repopulated here.  

As a sidenote - all my Peter Robinson (DCI Banks series) will remain on Novel Meals as I am too lazy to move 27+ reviews here.

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  1. I converted my WP post templates to the new Blocks format, so I'm good until the editing changes again, I guess. I've been struggling to get the comment form to appear; I may have figured out that it was a caching problem with my web host, but that's about as technical as I get!
    I think you can export your whole WordPress blog and import it into Blogger without too much technical expertise!


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