Friday, July 22, 2022

How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Tom Hazard is  very old man; he is 429 years old.  He has only aged one year for each fifteen years in passing. Tom looks for meaning in life as he can never have a lasting relationship or let his guard down.  

As it turns out there are others in the world with the same condition and eventually they are discovered by a covert society called Albatross.  The society protects them, allowing them to live in a normal setting for eight years before getting an assignment, then relocating with a new identity. One thing that keeps Tom motivated to live (as he could kill himself to end this existence) is a desire to find his daughter Marion. She apparently inherited his genetic disposition and may be somewhere in the world trying to hide her identity. 

In his long life Tom has met F. Scott Fitzgerald, Captain Cook and Shakespeare among other historical figures. The book is divided by time periods and places.  Recently I read Benedict Cumberbatch has acquired film rights to star in the production.  For what it's worth, I prefered The Midnight Library to this book but I never considered abandoning the book.

Matt Haig was born in Sheffield England. His website may be found HERE

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic movie for Benedict Cumberbatch. The Silent Library appeals to me a bit more than this one but it's a fascinating concept.

    1. Katherine, I did like this book but I ighly recommend Midnight Library!

  2. I have read many positive reviews of this book. However, I think it is impossible to write anything better than The Midnight Library. This is a huge roadblock for the author to overcome.

    1. Laura, I agree. I loved The Midnight Library. That would be a good movie.

  3. I didn't know this author was born in Sheffield. I lived there for a few years in the late 1990s.

    Thanks for sharing this with the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge


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