Sunday, March 14, 2021

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle


This book description and beginning had me convinced this was a predictable plot, yet it surprised me with a serious turn of events.  In the beginning we have David and Dannie, a successful young Jewish couple who have a five year plan and are supportive of one another in career goals. Danie is a successful attorney and knows, in her well detailed timeline, when she and David will become engaged and when they will marry.

I thought this would be a chick lit sort of book once I started reading it but the author threw in a curve ball with a serious medical issue. Love and friendship are tested, lifestyles I could never imagine were described with detailed descriptions of the type clothing they wore and a plethora of foodie passages. 

A hodgepodge if women’s fiction, the lesser grave subplots fitting the chick lit genre, a type A personality with a work ethic and dedication to the career that would wear me out (something that never came my way).

In a nutshell, Danie's best friend Bella is more like a sister, a forever friendship which started when they were children.  They couldn't be more different in their personalities but they are very dedicated to one another.  Bella's parents weren't ever there for her and enrolled her in a private school, Bella spending more time living with Danie and her parents than her own. Danie is a planner and never does anything impetuous. Bella decides to fly to Paris (or where ever suits her) and stay for months on a whim.  

David is Danie's fiancee and they fit together perfectly.  Each is supportive of the other's career goals and never have issue with the late work hours. But something is missing or why would they become engaged yet never make time to marry? The flash of color in the relationships is all from Bella. You'll like her.  It's hard to do a detailed review because of the medical issue and that brings spoilers.

I would read another of this author's books but I  say she's one of my go to new authors.  This book had me interested enough to keep reading because I did want to know how it ended.  It was not predictable and I was a bit surprised by the ending.

More about the author Rebecca Serle.


  1. Wonderful review. I thought the same thing when I read this, I thought I had it all figured out, but how wrong I was.

    1. Carla, this definitely started off as light lit, predictable story, I liked the way the author handled added a serious subplot.

  2. This one just doesn't grab me but I am glad that you didn't find it the predictable plot you expected and that this is an author you want to read more from. I'm having a hard time finding a book I'm enjoying at the moment. So many characters are just getting on my nerves. I may have to go back to Agatha Christie. She's always nice and reliable!

    1. Katherine, I often turn to old favorites when I get in a reading slump. Christie would be a great one for you but I am enjoying the reviews you’ve put up recently.


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